Friday, 28 November 2014

High Five (2?) for Friday

This week has flown by so I struggled to find five different things for this post. However, it is a great excuse to share photos of my rapidly growing and beautiful niece, so I'll go with that.

Last Sunday marked her dedication day so it was an early start for my brother. Matt and I as we jumped in the car at 7.30am to drive up to Buckinghamshire for the 10am Church service. I know it sounds silly but I was disappointed that our McDonalds breakfast stop was thwarted by the fact that McDonalds was closed. Starbucks sold me a cinnamon swirl bun for an extortionate price which didn't make me feel much better. The guys went for a Subway breakfast which looked yummy so I know what to do next time. But back to the week:

*Blurry photos now she's moving around lots and knows to smile at a phone. These photos were taken at the lunch after the service.




* We went to see Mockingjay Part 1 on Tuesday night and it was pretty great! I know this film has had a bad press in the UK but I found it entertaining enough and not being a film critic, that's enough for me.

Maybe next week I'll remember to take more photographs! 

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