The first page I click to when I find a new page is the about the blogger one. The one which gives a little snippet of information about the person behind the screen; behind the words; behind the thoughts.

  • I'm working in the legal profession and trying to find my place in a man's world
  • I live on a tiny Channel Island
  • I love God with my whole heart: Unashamedly 
  • I love to be creative 
  • I pretend to be good at sports such as sailing, swimming and skiing 
  • Like every woman in her mid-twenties I run on caffeine before 9am
  • I'm a bit too feisty and argumentative for my own good
  • I love photography and am trying to improve
  • I sail, cycle, walk and nap lots 
  • I married my handsome man on 26 May 2015 and am loving this whole marriage thing