Wednesday, 25 January 2017

1 year on...

It's been a whole year since I last posted on this blog. 365 days of life have flown by and I haven't been recording them here. That's okay, but I find writing therapeutic so I'm back to explain where I've been.

We moved (again) and now live on a tiny island in the English Channel. Thankfully, we moved in the summer so I took 4 months off work and spent plenty of time on the beach like the one in the photo above. The water here is so clear it's beautiful, though plenty rocky so you've got to watch where you tread unless you want a scraped leg or stubbed toe!

Eventually, I found a job and went back to work in the Autumn. This was completely planned, I found a job pretty easily once I started to look for one. We had so many visitors coming to enjoy the beach see us that I was busy hosting most of the summer which was so great. I love having people to stay.

To get off the island you have to either go by boat (which takes a 8 hours) or by tiny plane. So this is a view I've seen a bit of whilst waiting to leave:

The island is really pretty and has plenty of cycle routes and walking paths to explore. Over the summer one of my favourite places to take friends and family was to the West Coast to watch the sun set over the sea. Fish and chips whilst sitting on the beach made this sight really enjoyable:

There are other (even smaller) islands to explore too, with crazily small populations and more fun beaches to relax on:

We've made some great friends here which we're both looking forward to growing. The Church is fantastic and we feel at home already. It's a strange feeling to go away for a week and come back to hugs from people who are happy to see us again, we didn't have that before.

There are definite downsides to living here though. Sometimes I feel like I'm Truman in the Truman Show and have reached the edge of my bubble when I can drive Coast to Coast in 20 minutes...and that's even with driving at 25mph. When the bad weather sets in the port and airport close and you can feel a little trapped.