Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Moving on...up?

No, probably down a little. The truth is I need to move out of my parents house and actually let them enjoy their post-child life without me living with them. When they held me in their arms 25 years ago I bet they didn't think "I hope she is living with us when she's 25!". So...after their subtle hints at when my departure might be and my eventual cry and panic over affording to live alone in the south of England (where renting costs a small fortune), I have begun my search for a new home.

Mum says I need to "nest". I'm not totally sure this is true because 1) I'm not an animal I'm a human and 2) I'm not expecting a baby and I think "nesting" happens when you're pregnant. I have come up with a helpful little list of positives of moving out though (collated from past experience of living away from home...don't worry I have actually left home a few times...I just bounce back like I'm on a bungee cord):

  • I can eat cereal for dinner (there is probably nothing stopping me from doing this now though)
  • Temperature will be perfect and suited to me (not too hot, not too cold)
  • I can hang bunting and lights (family aren't fans of these things)
  • Don't feel like washing up? No problemo
  • Washing can be hung around for days and worn straight off the drying rack (laziness)
  • Crafting stuff doesn't ever need to be cleared away (ready for inspiration to strike at any time)
  • I can get a fish (I like watching fish swim around and around...)
  • I can watch Greys and Gilmore Girls on repeat and not be judged
There are probably more positives than that but really, the down sides are starting to dawn on me:
  • Have to do own food shopping (I HATE food shopping...I used to get it delivered at university to avoid shopping myself)
  • Who will tell me my outfit is all wrong? (My mum is a pro at this)
  • Plumbing issues will be fixed by who?! 
  • What if I get a break in and I have to fight off the intruder myself? (My arms are pretty weak...)
  • When my car runs out of petrol how will I get places?
  • I'll miss my dog lots (I might steal him)
  • Who will I talk to? 
I'm going to see two places this week and will probably freak a little that they're on the ground floor and people could climb in the windows. When I was at university a naked man climbed in my window in the night and to be honest that has put a dampener on ground floor properties for me. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Norway: the final chapter

Easter Sunday marked our last full day in Norway and what better way to relax from our Fjords excursion than to go on a hike!

Bergen city is in a valley between multiple mountain peaks. Mount Floyen was the closest to our hostel and had a cool funicular to ride to the top, so naturally we decided to hike that one. We took the funicular to the top which in itself was an experience, then hiked about at the top of the mountain, finally walking down at the end of the day.

I wasn't up for the mega peak walk so the man and I broke off from the group and relied on my awesome map reading skills. This involved lots of roundabout path walking, chasing waterfalls to find a lake, getting lost in woodland when we had thought the sign pointed that way and finding ourselves in a housing estate half way down the mountain. We started our hiking expedition (this terminology makes it sound grander than it was and I love that) at 11am and didn't return to the hostel until 5pm. That's a whole lot of walking time whilst wearing Toms which have, as I found out, little foot support. There was also the embarrassment of an argument and tears at the top of the mountain which made my trusty partner seem like a horrible boyfriend.

On our final morning we explored the famous Bergen Fish Market which actually turned out to be little more than a market stall just a little bigger than Tesco's fishmongers. We sat by the wharf and enjoyed the sun on our faces one last time before returning to Britain where, surprise, it was grey.

Norway, I loved you for a weekend but I don't think i'll be moving anytime soon. You're too expensive!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

I took the plunge

I finally took the plunge and did an aquacise class (pun intended). I was looking forward to this class the most out of my "exercise class try-out list" because it genuinely seemed fun and hilarious to do.

There are multiple benefits of aquacise according to a national website dedicated to the promotion and training of the activity, including but not limited to hydrostatic pressure and the cooling effect benefits the exercise has over other activities not in water.

Ideally, the water level should be chest height and the movements should be pushing through the water and not above the waterline. This is okay in pools which are multi-depth or if you're really short, neither of which apply to my experience. You see, i'm 5'11 and every time I stood to my full height in the pool I felt like Godzilla.  Consequently, I spent the entire time with bent knees to keep my body at the same height as everyone else's. Awkward. 

This photo is from the Virgin Active Website and is my club's indoor pool that I swim/float about in.

We did the whole class to retro 90's music and did lots of jogging, jumping jacks, moving around and water weight work. It was really good fun and there were times I had to bite my lip to stifle the giggles at how ridiculous we all must have looked to the onlookers in the spa area. I didn't actually feel worked at all at the end of the class though and for me personally, the benefits were pretty minimal for time expended. I can see how it would be great if you were of poor health, new to exercise or had a physical disability as it was gentle and the water does aid movement. 

I obviously ended the session in the jacuzzi and sauna to allow for adequate recovery time!