Thursday, 1 May 2014

I took the plunge

I finally took the plunge and did an aquacise class (pun intended). I was looking forward to this class the most out of my "exercise class try-out list" because it genuinely seemed fun and hilarious to do.

There are multiple benefits of aquacise according to a national website dedicated to the promotion and training of the activity, including but not limited to hydrostatic pressure and the cooling effect benefits the exercise has over other activities not in water.

Ideally, the water level should be chest height and the movements should be pushing through the water and not above the waterline. This is okay in pools which are multi-depth or if you're really short, neither of which apply to my experience. You see, i'm 5'11 and every time I stood to my full height in the pool I felt like Godzilla.  Consequently, I spent the entire time with bent knees to keep my body at the same height as everyone else's. Awkward. 

This photo is from the Virgin Active Website and is my club's indoor pool that I swim/float about in.

We did the whole class to retro 90's music and did lots of jogging, jumping jacks, moving around and water weight work. It was really good fun and there were times I had to bite my lip to stifle the giggles at how ridiculous we all must have looked to the onlookers in the spa area. I didn't actually feel worked at all at the end of the class though and for me personally, the benefits were pretty minimal for time expended. I can see how it would be great if you were of poor health, new to exercise or had a physical disability as it was gentle and the water does aid movement. 

I obviously ended the session in the jacuzzi and sauna to allow for adequate recovery time!

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