Thursday, 6 November 2014

Christmas Spirit

Let me just start by saying how much I love Christmas! The weather gets colder, the mornings are sunny and frosty, the food is better and of course, we celebrate Jesus' birth on the 25th December. All of these things are exciting and the excitement builds every year from about November 1st for me.

How can we bless others this Christmas season though? Granted, not everybody celebrates the holiday due to religious beliefs, but I want to give to others this holiday season because of Christ's message to us as Christians. To give our time and whatever else is needed of us to those in need. If I'm enjoying myself, that joy can be given to others too regardless of their background. This obviously can (and should) be done year round not just at the holiday season, however there are many easy ways to give to others at this time of year. In essence, fundraising and charitable giving opportunities are dropped in our laps during the holidays and it's our choice whether we make the effort to get involved. 

Three of the opportunities I'm going with this year are:

1. Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day 2014

This is such a fun way to raise money and awareness for those in need around the world. Register your office, company, friends or simply yourself online before Friday 12th December and wear a Christmas jumper for the day. Donate £2 and the UK Government will match that donation (that's £4 per person who gets involved, amazingly easy right?). Information can be found here on Save the Children's website.

2. CRY (Care and Relief for the Young) Ladies' Christmas Pamper Evening

Nails? Skin treatments? Stocking fillers? Yes please! This is an evening for all ladies who would love to shop and receive treatments from local stockists and therapists in the Hampshire area. Not only are you benefiting the work of CRY who fund awesome projects for children across the work, you're supporting your local community. Information found on the Facebook page for the CRY charity.

3. Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child

Perhaps my favourite of all is this mission to give a child a gift for Christmas. I've been doing this since primary school and really enjoy picking out small gifts to put in a brightly wrapped shoebox, hoping and praying for joy and smiles on the face of a child. Find your nearest collection point on the Samaritan's Purse website. 

Just look at that excitement on his face! 

I've cajoled my co-workers into two of the above, can I move you to try something to bless others this year? 

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