Thursday, 18 September 2014

Anything is possible in an Audi

Just a short post about this amazing little Audi which was spotted and snapped at a new hair salon in town. Now, I don't know about you but I wouldn't say no to somebody gifting me an Audi for a week. I wouldn't like to own one, I'd just like to whizz around. Maybe I'd drive to the Lakes and have unbridled comfort on the 10 hour drive. Or I could go shopping in France, have lunch in Belgium, maybe trip to Switzerland for some hot chocolate. I get the feeling anything would be possible in an Audi. 

That's why if I were a 3 year old again this little car would've changed my low opinion of getting my hair cut. 

You see that fringe? That's because I wouldn't sit still in the chair when I had to have my hair cut. Thankfully the film Tangled wasn't released either or I definately wouldn't have let anybody near me with scissors. 

So well done hair salon with the mini Audi chair. You're setting yourself up for some easy wins there. Soon there might be no little terrors at the salon anymore...until my children are born of course.

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