Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Goals check back - How did I do?

I've loved having goals to work towards this month. I've been able to muse over them and having a physical list has helped to pin down certain goals to achieve this past month out of many swimming around my mind. So how did I do? 

Finish the She Reads Truth Hosea study
Check! See my thoughts on the study here. This was such an inspiring yet challenging study and I'd encourage you to read through the Hosea with a study guide if you haven't already. The She Reads Truth website still has their study guide here.

Run at least twice a week
I started this with the best of intentions and did get a few runs in during the beginning and middle of the month. Then I had dental work, which resulted in a mouth and tongue infection. Then I caught a cold...so this goal is going to carry over.

Try new recipes from my cookbooks
I tried one. ONE! What is wrong with me? I had a whole 30 days and a shelf full of books. What's wrong with me? However, the recipe I did try was from the Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure book and it was amazing. Matt agreed so that's not even a biased opinion...

Have my first dinner party with friends

FAILED! Much to the sadness of some (who will remain nameless but you know who you are...you...the people who have asked me on a weekly basis) this hasn't happened. I have no excuses. A carry over for sure.

Print holiday snaps and use them in decor
Half-way there! I found a Snapfish coupon on Wowcher to print 100 photos for a pound so I've had them printed. I stil have one evening left to fulfill the decorating part of this and I will persevere! Also, why hadn't I got them printed before, I've absolutely loved looking back at old memories. 

I didn't have a photo for this post and blogging "rules" dictate I need one. So here's a photo of some horses in the New Forest National Park who were chilling out by my car. These weren't the horses who tried to eat my picnic, though the one on the left has some attitude to show me his butt.

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