Thursday, 10 April 2014

Getting over it

When I prayed for a husband (on the rare occasions I did) I always asked for a man who would have similar hobbies to me so we could both enjoy doing them together. I particularly asked for a man who would like the more skilled sports such as climbing and sailing. Well, the climbing bit we've cracked as i've posted about before. The sailing bit was a bit of a surprise though as I always considered it a long shot to ask for someone who loved such a niche hobby. Don't underestimate God.

My guy LOVES sailing and I think even that's a bit of an understatement. Last summer we were a pretty new couple and didn't go together (his fear of frightening me away i think.) Then the winter months, well they're just not the best weather to go sailing in are they?! Secretly, I was dreading the day we went sailing together. What if I embarrassed myself? What if I got scared? What if I got sick? What if we argued? I was biding my time...

Middle of last week "let's go sailing together" came out of his mouth. Panic flooded through me and I tried desperately to think of ways to be busy. I was in a quandary really because I did want to get the first sail together nailed so I wouldn't be scared any more.  I agreed and Saturday rolled round too quick.

I got stuck in a drysuit, slipped up in the pebbles, made squawking noises inadvertently when I was scared and almost capsized the boat a couple of times. I also laughed, watched him as his face lit up when out on the water and challenged myself to stop being so difficult and just get over it.

We're going again soon. Thanks God!

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