Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Body Conditioning

In an effort to tone my body and prep for the upcoming bare all season, I've decided to drag encourage my friend to go to as many exercise classes as we can. I don't want to make any wild (read: stupid) claims that we'll try every class our gym offers because there are some which are just not at our level. That is, we're beginners and they're superstars. First up, body killing conditioning.

Here's a happy lady doing some sit-ups...this isn't me (google images)

We settled for the side of the studio where we couldn't see ourselves in the mirrors and we weren't at the back or at the front (not hiding yet not too eager). Silly us, the class instructor actually moved around and we all turned a lot which meant at times we were right at the front! The aerobics starters were great and really fun to do. You need no motivation for this class, just a sense of impending embarrassment if you can't keep going like everybody else. Then the mats came out and the weights which was what really hurt. The squats have killed my poor thighs and the weights work might have been too hard to handle. That said, I feel better for doing it and it was a complete body workout in an hour which is pretty neat if you're a busy person. 

When I was about 8 years old my family went on holiday to Kos. There was line dancing one night and lets just say that my brothers and I weren't the best on the group at co-ordination. One of the moves in the body conditioning class was a grapevine and it was ridiculously hard at a fast pace. There were times I wasn't going in the right direction and moving my arms in time with my legs, well you can forget that! Miranda viewers, I looked a little like her:
                                                                                                   (google images)

Next up: Zumba

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