Friday, 25 April 2014

Norway Part 2

Saturday we were up early to catch our day tour of the Fjords from the local train station. We went through Norway in a Nutshell and chose the day long Fjord and mountain train tour.

Essentially this was a day of transport with little stops to browse the local area and take photos of the beautiful scenery. We took a local train to somewhere (not sure where) and from there a coach through the winding roads to Voss. At Voss we found our Fjords boat waiting for us. I'll let the photos of the Fjords do the talking because the beauty can't really be described with words.

After the Fjord cruise we went on the Flam Railway Line which is a world heritage mountain railway. Doesn't sound too exciting but the views were fantastic. We went all the way through a mountain range, some of the time on open track and other times through tunnels which were dug with hand picks in the 19th century. The historic line ends high on a mountain range which was deep with snow. 

The final journey, down the mountain and back to Bergen, was long and on a modern train. After all the fresh air and excitement most of us slept through this part of the day! 

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