Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I've been pretty quiet on here lately and that's been for a very good reason.

I've moved!

Due to moving I've been extremely busy with packing/unpacking, painting furniture, lugging boxes about and generally trying to catch up on sleep. Falling shower rails, blinds and rain hasn't helped matters. As with every move there is the obligatory no internet period and my new flat doesn't seem to get a great 3G signal.

It's been an adventure though! My parents helped me shift furniture on Saturday and I felt a little bad I couldn't offer them a drink more interesting then water to quench their thirst. It has been HOT these past few weeks! Do yourself a favour and don't move in the summer.

I've yet to discover how to work the boiler and get hot water for a shower, but I've done the important things like arrange my mantle over the fire and cushions on my sofa. The morning sun streams in through the kitchen window and the afternoon sun warms the lounge and the bedrooms - perfect!

I'll have to put some photos up soon when I'm through with organising everything, I'm pretty house proud!

And to all the friends and family who have put up with me for the past few months, there'll be a dinner invitation through your door very soon I promise :-)

                                                              Image from Google - I was too busy to take photos on Saturday!

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