Friday, 20 June 2014

High Five for Friday

Does anybody else have that annoying problem with computer keyboards that when they type 'Friday' it turns out as 'Froday'? No, just me? Okay.

This was a flyby week, one where I seemed to blink and miss hours in a day. Maybe I did...hope not.

1. I read this book over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I've struggled with not being a 'nice girl' but somebody who has always been a bit feistier and strong minded. Now I know it's okay to be. Link to my thoughts here.

2. I'm moving next Saturday so have been understandably panicking thinking about how to furnish my flat. Ikea table anyone? (Also, the food in Ikea is strangely very nice so had dinner there too.)

3. Date night with this one ended up in an ice cream parlour and I forgot my lactose-funny stomach whilst I devoured this kids-size sundae. I paid for it after but boy was it worth it! Also, I love him even more in a shirt...

4. Took my dog to the groomer and it was a dog filled screaming, biting, snapping, water filled nightmare. Here he is at work the next day...he has his sad face because he doesn't like being at work. 

5. I LOVE o2 Priority Moments. Free pizza from Domino's on Monday, free hot drink from Nero on Friday and random free stuff thrown in throughout the week from other shops too. What's not to love?

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