Sunday, 31 August 2014


Matt and I discovered Netley Abbey one afternoon after could I have lived 10 minutes away and not known it was there?!

I've had a whole week off! That's what I've been upto. How did I spend it? The best way a broke girl could:

  • I had lay in every day and enjoyed the fine hobby of bed rolling (waking up and rolling around a big empty bed). 
  • Cooked breakfasts when I could be bothered and chocolate cereal when I felt like it.
  • Because I'm still looking for a flatmate my place is my own which allows for craft materials to be left strewn about and impromptu card making to take place, perfect for when midnight inspiration strikes.
  •  Coffee and lunch dates with friends and even with Matt (he's a workaholic so when I dragged him away for a lunch date I felt like a heroine). 
  • Cuddles with my dog all afternoon, enough said.
  • Bike rides and runs in the last of the summer sunshine.
  • Finishing books, starting books, finishing books, starting books...
  • Baking for and welcoming people into my new home. When people come bearing gifts of flowers, food, a coffee machine etc. they were extra welcome.
  • Discovered some new blogs and wondered how these clever women link their Google+ profile to their blog without ruining the Blogger platform. I still don't know the answer to this but have loved reading new blogs all the same.
However, fun had, now I'm bored and wanting to get back into work and get some business done! 

 Netley Abbey ruins. More information about the Abbey can be found at the English Heritage website.

He's so handsome...but not a lover of historical ruins.

My dad makes an amazing grandad.

I'm a History graduate so monuments like this have to be studied, photographed and spoken about. 

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