Monday, 4 August 2014

Cowes Week 2014

Okay, so I admit, we weren't competing! I would like to one day but the thought of sitting on the very edge of a yacht whilst it speeds through the ocean does stir up some fear. The four of us stormed through race starting lines and sailed into Cowes was an actual miracle given the number of boats whizzing past us at top speed.

It was a stormy day and monsoon rain showers would drench us only to be replaced with burning hot sunshine a minute later. The sea was fairly rough out in the Solent too which meant a lot of holding on and not much opportunity for sunbathing on the deck or photo taking. The above photo of the boats was zoomed in and has a filter on it hence the bad quality but we had actually just passed through the start line of their race. There were moments when I wanted to keep my eyes closed so I wouldn't have to witness 20 yachts speeding towards us!

Lunch at the pub was delicious and then it was back out onto the choppy waters to sail back to the mainland. Once back into the Beaulieu River the water was calm and the sun came out so I went onto the deck to have a snooze before mooring.

Summer Saturdays are pretty darn great!

If you're not a Southerner and want to know what Cowes Week 2014 is click here.

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