Sunday, 19 January 2014


This week i've been trying my hardest to stick to my budget which will hopefully make my bank balance look a little healthier and help me save to move out. I've been praying about friendships too and 2 opportunities have sprung up...both of which cost a fair bit.

The first is to fulfill a promise i made to a best friend 18 months ago when we said goodbye at Gangnam Station and I left my home and life in Seoul. I told her I would visit her in Texas when she returned to the States and she's been back for a year already. However, she's also looking at returning to Korea this Autumn so my time window to visit has suddenly shrunk! After scanning the internet for flight prices we've settled on March for my visit to Texas and i'm so excited to see her again and all the state has to offer!

The second is to go with new friends at Church to Bergen in Norway over the Easter weekend. I'd never really thought about visiting Norway before, I mean it's not that I didn't want to, it just never jumped out at me as a place to go to. After checking the weather averages I can't say i'm ecstatic about the thought of a cold, snowy city break but I want to go with those people, so to Norway I will go!

This is a little scary but i'm going to be tracking my weekly weight and exercise goals this year:

Weight: 80kg
Exercise: Managed 3 gym trips,3 swim trips and a climbing evening this week. 
Using the MyFitnessPal app is really helping with logging diet and exercise, plus it's motivational as friends can see how much you're eating vs. the calories you burn! 

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