Saturday, 11 January 2014

Getting 2014 off to a Smashing start!

My favourite type of craft has to be working with papers. Think scrapbooking, card making etc. and you get the right idea. While browsing my local craft shop for post-Christmas bargains I discovered the Smash book brand. This is a little like Project Life and some of the other memory project ideas I've done throughout the years. I'd originally thought about a memory jar this year but my new Smash book will definitely be more fun!

So month by month i'll be filling in a couple of pages and hopefully have a beautiful book full of memories by the end of the year! Considering I have made no New Year resolutions as such this should keep me busy while also focusing on the positives in life.

Check out your local craft shop for Smashbooks and affiliated products, or click the link below. Their inserts are cute and quirky and I would actually love to use everything in their range but doubt my budget would stretch that far.

(Smash Books aren't endorsing this post, I just really love their craft idea!)

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