Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve seems like the perfect time for my first post, as I relax with my family in front of a murder mystery (which i don't understand) surrounded by sweet smelling Christmas candles. 

I have said my goodbyes to my handsome (rather more exhausted today) man as he's left the county to spend Christmas with his family, and feel a little despondent about it. Something feels a little wrong without him to spend Christmas with...However, i am glad i'm home for the holidays  this year and am excited to have time off work to relax, eat, sleep and have some fun. 

All plans for amazing batches of Christmas cookies, perfectly wrapped presents and an inspiring tree have been lost along the way somewhere, but you know what, that's okay. It's okay because Jesus is the same amazing saviour, my family are celebrating together this year, the food has been delicious so far and my dog continues to entertain no matter the season. 

The Christmas lights are pretty in my neighbourhood this year...

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