Saturday, 7 February 2015

Relax and unwind

I've been MIA lately and for that I apologise, though I've been having a blast so I'm not that sorry!

The past week was spent in the middle of a forest in the Southwest of England, in a lodge with family, no cars in sight, birdsong and duck quacks galore. The lodge was at least 20 minutes walk from any of the cafes and Matt and I spent lots of time cycling up and down the ridiculously steep wonderful hills to get around. I don't think I've had that much fresh air and headspace for a good few months and it felt great.

The sub-tropical swimming paradise (disclaimer - it wasn't paradise that was just the name) was kept at a constant 28c and the steam rose from the outdoor pools which made it quite pretty really. When we weren't relaxing in one of the 3 hot-tubs we were throwing ourselves down the outdoor rapids, jumping the waves in the wave pool, hurtling down the flumes and bumping into numerous people in the lazy river. I think it was also the only time i've been in an outdoor pool in the snow too, pretty magical!

Here's a complete photo dump of the week!

Chatting to the ducks

Channelling her inner artist

Just a little waterfall

Kayak on the sub-zero lake anyone?

Starbucks smiles 

I'm not actually taller than him, promise

Pretty yellow flowers 

A line of ducks, seriously they were everywhere

Okay okay, I can hear you asking where this was! Hit up this link to find out more.

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