Saturday, 27 December 2014

Our proposal story

Every girl wants to share her proposal story with anybody who'll listen!

We had planned to visit Hyde Park Winter Wonderland this year (because we missed it last year) and take a day off work for a Christmas date day. December 11th was settled on, tickets for the ferris wheel were booked and off we went!

Paddington Trail - find a Paddington and donate to the charity who sponsors it. This guy was in Carnaby Street.

We started on Oxford Street where we checked out the Christmas lights and then wandered down to Tottenham Court Road to eat delicious Korean food for lunch. When we arrived at the entrance to Hyde Park it was bitterly cold and the wind was something fierce! He suggested a walk around the park before entering the fairground and I thought, "Erm...okay but it's really cold and the fair is right there and I really really want to ride the ferris wheel right now!". Thought not said, that part is important!

Our walk took us down to the Serpentine where he suggested we sit on a bench together overlooking the pond. Too many birds. I'm scared of birds so I suggested we keep walking. Little did I know but I just ruined proposal number one!

As is always the way I needed the toilet when there wasn't one anywhere near where we were. We went on a hunt and eventually found a public bathroom. Afterwards I started to walk back towards the entrance to the fairground and he tried to get me to walk the other way to a secluded garden. I still hadn't cottoned on so ruined proposal number two!

We were metres away from the fairground entrance when he grabbed my hand and led me off in the other direction. I just wanted to ride the ferris wheel ya'know! As we walked the other way he told me he wanted to find a quiet place to talk. Oh. My. Word. I suddenly got it. Instead of keeping quiet and going with the flow I whittered on about any subject that came to my head. I was so nervous. 

My man did what he affectionately now refers to as his "love preamble" and then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I said yes of course! 

Just to the left of the pathway intersection is where he proposed.

I finally got to ride the ferris wheel as an engaged woman. We then went to the ski lodge and drank mulled wine together, enjoying those first couple of hours of our engagement as a secret between ourselves.  

We Instagrammed this photo but didn't tell anybody it was our first photo togteher as an engaged couple. 

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