Friday, 28 March 2014

High Five for Friday

Despite my complete lack of computer ability to actually get this blog update finished, here's to another great week...

1. Sunday afternoon was spent eating a day's worth of calories in one meal at the pub and included this treasure (found on the children's menu at a super cheap price - win!) Just to make you jealous you're looking at chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, a twix bar, half a cookie, m&m's and chocolate sauce. (N.B. My diet failed this day.)

2. As I was reading this week my dog often joined me to relax by my side. The window proved to be a distraction on more than one occasion and he did actually slip down the gap between my bed and the radiator at one point. Glad my dog has the same agility that I do (I might have fallen down that gap too...)

3. Date night with this suave looking fella was such a blessing after a hard start to the working week (thanks no doubt to awful clients) for the both of us. 

4. My gorgeous flowers bought for me as a surprise by the above pictured handsome man. I went to use the restroom at a coffee shop and when I came out he was there holding flowers for me. What more could a girl want on a Thursday evening!

5. I'm still struggling to reach my 5k running goal and am frustrated with myself that I can still only run 3k in one shot. I know I could take power-walking breaks and split up my run but that seems like i'm cheating myself.   The picture is blurry partly because i'm cycling (after the run) and partly because I get all shaky from the exertion. Also, how do people take good pictures in the gym?! This is a sneaky shot because i'm sure someone would laugh at me if I started taking gym selfies. 

I'm so ready for the weekend!

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